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Propecia generic brand ) and other "treatments" such as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) to try and change the way I feel. Before I took the pill, felt "depressed" all time. It like someone had hit me in the back of head with a hammer, because my brain just couldn't process everything. One day, I felt really good - like I'd never felt so good before. I got back in touch with my friends, I made plans with a new girlfriend, went to my first ever concert and a few days later, I felt my life changing from something I wouldn't have cared that much about 10 years earlier into something far more exciting. I became a lot happier and then in the summer of '99, I took my first of three pills a night and for the next 6 months, I felt this extraordinary transformation - from "depressed" all the time to happiest/healthiest person I'd ever felt in my whole body. But then, about 9 months into the "Treatments" I'd been prescribed, things changed again. I started to feel very, very unwell. I was having headaches, back pain, and a sense of constant sadness. I wasn't enjoying anything, Propecia 60 Pills 1mg $55 - $0.92 Per pill so decided to stop taking the pills and just go for a walk every day. The first few days were difficult, and I started to forget take my pills, but I got over it pretty quickly. Soon I noticed that was noticing different things: I began to be more confident in myself, I started to laugh more, feel more cheerful all the time. I didn't feel depressed anymore: it felt like somebody had hit me in the back of head with a hammer again and I found myself in the world again. After a couple more weeks, when everything was back to normal, it got the point where I started to forget what time it was. was a strange feeling! day later I realized that wasn't tired, hungry, my muscles and skin were normal, I'd just forgotten that been feeling really, really "depressed" all this time. After this week, I noticed that wasn't the same person; I was more assertive, I'd made new friends, lost an awful lot of weight and became more confident - that was a good thing. Unfortunately, it would later get worse. I decided to stop taking the pills and to see if I could just get back my life. The next couple of weeks went pretty badly, and my mood became much worse. The only thing going wrong: I stopped taking the pills. But now I was back at square one: I felt like was losing some more weight and it started happening all over again, it felt like my stomach was growling. I remember sitting in my room, crying, thinking I was just going to die and it would be worth if I died a horrible, painful death right then and there so that my friends and lovers could never see me again. That was my last day on this side of the pills - I was in so much pain by the end. I didn't understand what had done, why could't I just die and my body couldn't handle this anymore! I believe I'd made such a huge mistake. I didn't want to die, wasn't going let myself no way. I Esomeprazole order online was still feeling really unwell and I started to have trouble focusing at school, which is why I.

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